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Housing request form

You may obtain a housing application form by clicking on the link below which you can then print and send by fax.
You must send the form to the branch associated to the dwelling of your choice.
You will find the contact information for the different branches on the page or at the top of the housing application form

List of required documents

  • Valid aboriginal proof
  • Copy of your annual income proof for the previous civil year for all the members of the household
  • Provincial and federal income declaration (income tax report) and all the slips related (T-4, relevé 5, etc.)
  • Detailed provincial notice of assesment

(to provide if you have a child that has reached his majority)

Copy of his or her annual income


Proof of school enrolment if a full time student


Copy of your lease


Proof of residence


Copy of your municipal taxes

Copy of mortgage statement provided by your financial institution proving your balance

Single parent

Copy of the judgment that you have legal custody of your child or children

If you receive any child support, we need proof of alimony or a copy of the agreement between the parties

Member of the household is pregnant

Medical proof

Social assistance

The form “authorization to disclose personal information” completed by your agent and sent with your documents.