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Word of the president


Dear friends,

39 years later, when I look at the realizations of our organization, I am proud of what we accomplished during all these years. Of course, according to our personality, a positive or a negative assessment can be drawn.

Those that know me will have, without any doubt, understood on which side I am. It is hard to find organizations, of whatever nature, that are successful in fulfilling the needs of everyone; I personally do not know any and we do not have that pretention.

Otherwise, when I look back at our beginnings, when Corporation Waskahegen had only four or five employees and a few housings, I notice that we have done something important. Even if sometimes the road is tortuous, we can congratulate ourselves for our achievements and our assets: 

  • More than one hundred permanent jobs;
  • A wage bill of more than two millions dollars;
  • A housings development of more than 2000 housings;
  • Many firms employing mainly a native staff;
  • Two industries with an extraordinary potential;
  • And an encouraging future perspective.

Add to this the results of the relentless work of Corporation Waskahegen during these 35 years:

  • More than 4700 Natives who has benefit from subsidies that totalized more than 40 millions dollars coming from the restoration or employment programs.
  • 76 persons who obtained a house with the help of the federal program called in these days “demonstration” that was offering the materials and the specialized workforce free of charge.
  • 3300 other families who have obtained their house with the help of Corporation Waskahegen and its other federal programs that unfortunately do not exist anymore.

Also, regarding housing, during the next months, we hope that Natives living off-reserves will be able to benefit from the 38,3 millions dollars in grants given to Quebec by the federal government for housing dedicated to the people and families with low income. We predict that this money should permit the construction of more than 200 new housing units. The directors of Corporation Waskahegen are really hopeful concerning an upcoming announcement to boost our project.

In regards to economical development, excellent news should be announced shortly. Presently, several countries overseas which are interested in our philosophy of development are negotiating with us the purchase of certain technologies; but also for the development of a structure similar to ours. These agreements will permit to pursue the development of our firms and at the same time the creation of other jobs, as well as the possibility to end up with interesting business partnerships. Because the experience of the late years has taught us to be careful regarding sharing information; you will understand that we cannot say more about this for now. Be assured that we always respect our objectives that are to arouse new business information and create new job opportunities for Natives living off-reserves. 

In regards to housings, economical development or our ancestral rights, our people must be proactive in the future of Quebec province. To achieve this, we must join our strengths, rely on our values and entrust our destiny to people who deserve our trust. We must avoid pitfalls. We must be demanding, but above all vigilant. 

With your dynamism and your support, you encourage us to pursue on the road to excellence.

Gilles Bérubé 
Chief executive Officer