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Corporation Waskahegen has been contributing for 50 years now in a concrete way to the well being of the Natives living off-reserves environment in the province of Quebec and in particular among the 25 000 members of the Native Alliance of Quebec. Corporation Waskahegen gives each year to hundreds of persons, the possibility to access a convenient housing, and at the same time a better quality of life.

For Natives who need to have the benefits of more specialized services, Corporation Waskahegen has its own in order to insure a well adapted support to its customers.

From its foundation up until today, we can say that Corporation Waskahegen has had an impressive past. In fact, it operates and manages more than 2000 housings distributed in 117 localities throughout Quebec province and owns no less than ten branches to deserve well this vast territory.

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Today, more true than ever !

Throughout the years, and thanks to a structure adapted to today’s realities, Corporation Waskahegen works in a greater variety of activities. Always willing to offer more to it clientele, Corporation Waskahegen provides Management projects services, housing improvement programs, and construction projects management.
Because it now has a solid knowledge in terms of housings, Corporation Waskahegen continues its mission through the management of labour market development programs (employment programs) and with the economic development.

It is that way that it wants to help the Native youth to face the future. In a few years, in fact, the young people will form the majority among the communities. According to the director of Corporation Waskahegen, the future of our young people depends on our own structures and power as far as economy and work are concerned.

Corporation Waskahegen is more than ever caring about the well-being and autonomy of the Natives living off-reserves in Quebec Province.