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Labour market developmental program

Following the signed agreement between the Congress dof aboriginal people (CPA) and Human Resources and social Development Canada (HRSD) the CPA has given Corporation Waskahegen the mandate of a service corporation of the Native Alliance of Quebec (NAQ) , in order to coordinate and deliver the Natives human resources developmental programs.

According to certain admissibility criteria, this annual agreement permits to help the members of the NAQ in the five following programs:

Targeted wage subsidies

Enables integration into the workplace giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and acquire experience with the goal of finding permanent employment.

Self-employed workers

Encourage the start-up initiatives of a businesses in order to create your own employment with help from a salary subsidy.

Skills improvement

Allows the participant to further their education in the fi eld of their choice in the goal of finding permanent employment.

Labour market partnerships

Allows a participant facing difficulties integrating into the workplace to acquire work experience within the framework of community projects.

Summer work experience

Offers students a pratical work experience during the summer in order to prepare them for the workforce and to help them finance and pursue their studies.

In this matter, do not hesitate to communicate with us to request any information or a subsidy. It will be a pleasure for us to initiate the procedure with you and help you through it.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at the head office of Corporation Waskahegen.

Phone : 418 276-7551
Fax : 418 276-8302

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