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Social and community intervention

The objectives of the Community Social intervention Service are as follow :

  • To help the tenants in the establishment of a budget;
  • To help the tenants arriving in a new neighborhood or in a new city;
  • To identify the resources required by the tenant;
  • To assist a tenant with his procedures with an appropriate external resource and assure the follow-up.

It is only a resume of the objectives pursued by Habitat Métis du Nord with the creation of its service.

Whom is this service for?

This service is offered to all the tenants of Habitat Métis du Nord. The association considers that the tenants not only need an affordable place to live in order to erase instantly the disagreements that they experienced.

How to reach a Community Social Worker

It’s easy, one just needs to phone the branch of his region and ask to speak to the Community Social Worker.

According to the need, the Community Social Worker will set an appointment with the tenant in order to meet at the tenant’s or to talk over the phone.

This service is confidential and everything is made on a voluntary basis. All we need is just a call and the counselor will help the tenant or will refer him to the appropriate person.

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